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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  July 30, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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they go on recess, the house gets serious about suing the president. it's wednesday, july 30th and this is "now". >> that's when we act, when congress won't. ♪ >> the clock continues to tick in washington. >> boehner is running out of time. >> republicans are wasting time on a partisan lawsuit. >> the same people calling for this lawsuit shut down the government last fall. >> there are a lot of republicans that think this is a waste of time. >> the only other group of people that have screamed they want something and throw a tantrum when they get it are toddlers. >> this is playground stuff, embarrassing. >> the president plans to use executive authority to make some movement regarding immigration reform. >> if they are not going to do anything, we'll do what we can on our own. >> the white house calling out republicans laying down impeachment talk. >> i'm not pushing impeachment. if the president continues to violate the constitution, we've
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taken an oath to uphold the constitution. >> stop being made all the time. >> we don't they say something nice. >> i think they need help. i really do. >> the clock is ticking down towards the august recess and republicans are ready and willing to move legislation to authorize a lawsuit against president obama. right now on the house floor, debate is set to begin on speaker john boehner's lawsuit, one that accuses the president of abusing his powers by delaying the affordable care acts employer mandate, a mandate that the same house gop voted to delay alongside the attempts to reappeal all or part of the healthcare law. it is expected to give the lawsuit the greenlight in the next hour. speaking in missouri this afternoon, the president had a few choice words about republican priorities. >> they have announced they are going to sue me for taking
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executive actions. to help people. everybody recognizes this is a political stunt but it's worse than that because every vote they are taking like that means a vote they are not taking to actually help you. >> house republicans claim their lawsuit is as serious as their other pieces of legislation, which is it is, in that it is not serious at all. take their border security bill, set for a house vote tomorrow. in his proposal to address the crisis, president obama asked for $3.7 billion. speaker boehner trimmed that down to 1.5 billion. the house appropriations committee cut that even further and yesterday released their plan, price tag, $659 million. just how unserious is the bill? it doesn't even meet republican demands for a sped up deportation process. the gop bill provides $22 million to the justice
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department for hiring judges and upgrading technology. by contrast, the senate bill asked for more than five times as much, including funds to help children obtain legal representation. as for the republican plan, unaccompanied children are expected to find and fund lawyers on their own. the alien shall be given the privilege of being represented at no expense to the government at the counsel of alien's choosing. if any further evidence was needed that republicans have zero intention of doing anything about the crisis, senator ted cruz is whipping votes against his party's own bill, holding a closed door this evening with a group of house republicans. deputy class clowns gohmert and steve king are on the invite list. it would appear the brand-new majority whip is not invited.
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joining me now is the democratic representative from florida's 23rd district, chair of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman shultz. congresswoman, is the house gop -- is the house going to pass anything related to the border crisis? >> i wouldn't bet on it. alex, what you just laid out makes it clear that when it comes to the republican conference, the inmates appear to be running the asylum. >> or ted cruz appears to be running the asylum actually. >> well, you can take my implication for face value. but what is stunning here and like you said, you made a reference to a 4-month-old having to find and secure legal representation to determine whether or not american law allows for them to remain in the country because of the danger they are in from the country that they fled. the -- not only the callous
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insensitivity but the total ignorance to what needs to be done to address what is not only an emergency but a humanitarian crisis on our border, it is truly stunning. but i guess like you said, we shouldn't be surprised because in the do nothing of do nothing congresses on a day when i leave this interview i'm going to go to the house floor and actually debate why we shouldn't be voting for the first time in american history to sue the president of the united states for doing his job and doing his job actually less often and at a rate that is lower than any other president since grover cleveland because the republicans refuse to do anything. at the end of the day, people want to know who has their back. they want to know whether the members of congress that represent them are going to focus on their priorities and job creation and getting the economy turned around and helping to rebuild crumbling roads and bridges. what are we doing in congress led by the republicans controlled by the tea party?
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we are investigating benghazi and spending millions of dollars doing it. we're shutting the government down to deny people health care. we're now suing the president and authorizing up to $5 million to be spent to do it. this is after the republicans lost a lawsuit to sue over the defense of marriage act and make sure they could try to continue to keep that law, unconstitutional law in place -- you can't make this stuff up. >> you can't. and yet it continues on. let me ask you a little bit about one democratic idea that was floated earlier this morning and granted congress as a quickly changing animal, the idea if the house passed anything, which is an in at this point, that senate democrats would try to attach the group eight people to whatever the house passed in an effort to get congress to take up bipartisan immigration reform. is that something you support? >> listen, i think he is right
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when he said it is a very large question, probably unlikely that we pass anything, mostly because i think the republicans won't be able to pass their own ridiculous bill to address the problem, the immigration problem, but leader reid said if they pass something, there's a conference. there's a bill we can conference, the comprehensive immigration reform bill that the senate passed in a bipartisan way. so maybe we'll have the beginning of some type of effort to move forward on immigration reform. but i certainty won't be going home for the august recess holding my breath. >> let me ask you one more question. there has been some criticism directed towards democrats and democratic organizations that they have overreached on the issue of impeachment and overfu overfundraised by one count, 21 e-mails, do you think that the democrats have overstepped? >> absolutely not. i think that it's very clear
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that it's quite possible this lawsuit against the president of the united states for doing his job is a prelude to the potential for impeachment. the third highest ranking republican in the house of representatives refused to take it off the table this past sunday when directly asked on fox news whether or not he would support impeachment and whether they will pursue it. no less than five to six -- probably lost count how many republicans in congress have said they should pursue impeaching president obama. so not only are we not overreaching but we're making sure the american people understand exactly where they are, certainly not where americans priorities are and certainly don't have americans' back. >> debbie wasserman-shultz, thank you, as always, good look over there. >> we will need it. >> joining me now, editing
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managing of bloomberg politics a dana milbank. >> republicans don't see they are throwing it in the trash can, if you will, how likely do you think it is this congress returns from summer recess still fired up about impeachment? >> well, there will be some republicans in the house who i think will always be fired up about impeaching president obama. i think the democrats and even some democrats and liberals would admit using this purely for political purposes. they have messed up by now taking it off the table sometimes. this is i think, what happens at the end of a session or right before a break. the democrats and republicans both think that in congress think that the whole country is paying atangs to what they do. they jockey for every little thing. there's no doubt the democrats
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are helping to stoke the base and they need to because they are not doing it on health care or economy or issues that matter. leader reid attaching immigration, talking about attaching the full immigration bill, both parties are doing this because they are in this fantasy world that these things actually matter -- >> the immigration crisis is a legitimate -- >> it is but both sides are playing politics on it. >> dana, let me ask you, in terms of renewed zeal, ted cruz is now gumming up the works as if they needed to be gummed up even more. the idea that the house gop may not be able to get its own bill through their caucus, i mean, what does that mean for speaker boehner? >> he doesn't need to gum it up anymore, alex, it's already one big heap of quick sand out there. there's always a chance lightning will strike and they'll -- they may very well get the veterans bill out of this congress and got a chance at a highway bill.
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but clearly nothing coming together at this point on immigration. i think it captures the atmosphere right now for procedural reasons, they just took the bill to the floor, the lawsuit bill and had to pair it with a bill deregulating pesticides. so you have two pieces of legislation together on the floor, both poisoning the atmosphere. >> like pb and j. >> goes together beautifully. >> pesticides and lawsuits lobbied against the president. mark, the -- you mentioned that the republican leadership is not taking the issue off the table. why not? nancy pelosi said when democrats are trying to impeach president bush, impeachment is off the table. >> because the reality of the house of representatives and republican party in our politics today, very captive to the extremist in their parties and you have leaders who are willing ever to stand up. when some do, like march
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co-rubio and jeb bush, they get attacked. until they learn the country is not being served by being a talk radio country -- >> dana, let me ask you, some vulnerable senate democrats are saying it is dangerous for the president to push forward executive action on immigration. what do you see as the potential blow back here if he does move forward with an aggressive portfolio of measures at the end of the summer recess? >> it depends on what time frame you're looking at. over the long-term, 2016 and beyond, there's only upside for the president here in locking down that demographic, which is going to be crucial for elections going forward. it is also true that a lot of these democrats are the vulnerable ones are running in red states and that could hurt them. a lot of obama's decisions have hurt them. but so it's a question of who's
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interest is he looking out for here. he may well wind up losing the senate and solidifying democratic ma jorts in the long run for a good period of time. >> that's ironic because the whole question has been the republicans unable to see the long game from the short game and here it is almost the reverse. >> there are certainly democratic sfrat gift strategists who say why, mr. president must you do this before the mid terms? we waited this long. why not just wait? the republican base is pretty inflamed and almost anything, if he takes those executive actions there are democratic strategists who say this hurts chances in the mid-terms, wait until november to do it. >> that's a good question, dana, given the fact that the president -- the opposite side is so thoroughly -- i'm not necessarily arguing for this, but from a political strategist point of view, not best for the american public in resolving a crisis, why not wait until after
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november? >> because this november's election is going to be about turning out your base, republicans conservatives are about as fired up as they could be right now. and the democratic liberal base is quite depressed. they want to get latino voters out there and liberal voters out there. the question of whose side you rally more by taking this action, it's a very close call. that's why you see the fundraising off impeachment on both sides and see a lot of decisions that the average american isn't going to say why are these nuts in washington debating this stuff? it's all about motivating the base. >> there's almost no competitive races where the hispanic vote will be desis sirve and what is the president's goal, labor's goal, reid's goal, comprehensive immigration reform, the more the president inflames the issue as oo posed to republicans have to finally deal with the hispanic problem, a lot of democrats say wait for that.
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but move towards that big decisive moment, not inflame the thing so it becomes -- >> do you think -- why would it? what's the upside? why are they even considering it? >> my sources and i, we can't figure it out. >> myriad of sources, unnamed and highly influential. >> great to see you. >> dwrat to see you. >> dana milbank, good luck. >> it's dangerous, alex. >> it seems so. >> after the break, at least 20 refugees in gaza were killed in their sleep early this morning. we'll get a live report from gaza city next on "now." try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. honey, look i got one to land.
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the bombardment of gaza continued today even as israel announced that between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. local time it would open what it called a humanitarian window. it was unclear exactly what this meant given the israeli military also said this pause in fighting would quote, not apply to areas where is riley defense soldiers are operating. during those four hours, shelling struck a crowded market killing 17 and injuring over 150. hours before as families were asleep in facilities in a refugee camp, a u.n. shelter was attack by what the u.n. believes are israeli artillery shells killing 20. the relief and works agency says this is the sixth time one of the schools has been struck. a spokesperson spoke with andrea mitchell about today's attack. >> we notified the israeli army of the exact position of this
1:20 pm
school and the fact there were 3,300 people there precisely 17 times. and in spite of that, it is clear from our initial investigation that it was israeli artillery that hit the school and caused all of these deaths. we have reached breaking point. this is beyond unrwa, it's time for parties of this conflict to accept their responsibilities to the civilians caught up in this conflict. >> today is the 23rd day of the conflict between israel and hamas. hours ago the israeli military announced three of its soldiers were killed in southern gaza bringing israeli death toll to 59. the palestinian death toll now stands at over 1300. over 200,000 people in gaza have fled their homes. joining me now from gaza is nbc news foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin. explain to us, if you can, what
1:21 pm
this humanitarian window did, if anything. >> reporter: well, the short answer to that is it did absolutely nothing for the people of gaza except get them to feel that perhaps they can go to places like the market that was actually shelled or to other areas. what we've seen in the past during those types of humanitarian windows, particularly in a place like gaza city not on the border or close to the border, the front lines of the ground operation is that people tend to go out and tend to try to get their hands on commodities to make it through another day. but what we saw in today's humanitarian window, it was actually announced just five minutes before it was supposed to go into effect. it didn't even give people a chance to kind of address what their needs are to plan properly. so that's why people -- there was an influx of people going into the market and elsewhere but ultimately turned unite to be the market was not an area the israeli thought to be a safe
1:22 pm
area. they have ground forces not too far from it and eyewitnesses and other sources including health officials say the israeli military began shelling it, not giving any specific reasons but the matly leading to the death of so many palestinians. the windows are meant to be that, a chance to find loved ones trapped beneath the rubble, but it proved to be a very deadly window here in gaza this afternoon. >> ayman, israel is saying it struck the u.n. shelter we discussed at the top of the segment, as a response too militants opening fire on soldiers near a school. the u.s. has really condemned the shelling of the school but we don't know for certain who was behind it. is there any talk of responsibility at this point? >> reporter: well, we went to the school today and we spoke to u.n. officials on the ground who were there at the time of the attack from the security personnel there and spoke to
1:23 pm
eyewitnesses, none of the palestinians that we spoke to on the ground said there was any type of fighting taking place. there was no sound of outgoing rocket or gunfire, no mortars being launched going outwards torsds israeli positions. the israeli military has drones above the skies of gaza, pretty much 24/7. they have yet to release any evidence to support their claim that there was fighting taking place in the vicinity of the school. in addition to that, i think in the past, over -- having covered three different conflicts now in these types of environments, international aid organizations and human rights organizations including israeli ones that documented these type of attacks in the past, there's been little accountability within the is prally military to investigate itself thoroughly. very few officers and few soldiers are ever punished for these type of attacks that kill civilians, they are not holding
1:24 pm
their breath the military is going to put forth a thorough investigation that will determine the cause of the attack. it's kind of standard operating procedure to see the israeli response, to say that there was fighting near the vicinity of the school and more importantly that it is investigating it, but very rarely do we see any type of prosecution for any wrongdoing if there is any wrongdoing that comes on the back end of that. >> ayman, you're on the ground and it's nightfall, so one can't see the background that well, in terms of what is practically the circumstances in which folks are trying to survive here, 215,000 people have been displaced and infrastructure has effectively been destroyed. ""new york times" quotes a man as saying my house was burned and death followed us here. where am i supposed to go? where are people going? is there any sense of security where you are? >> reporter: the short answer again to that is unfortunately there is no sense of security here. we've been to almost every part
1:25 pm
of gaza, at least the northern part from gaza city to eastern borders and seen time and time again palestinians that have left the front lines following the instructions of the israeli military coming into places like gaza city and taking refuge with relatives and friends. sometimes there's one case we've reported on, 60 people living in one apartment. even in the places where they think they are safe, they are not safe. in gaza i'm documented the cases of several palestinians who left their homes but ultimately killed while taking refuge in other people's homes. now the overall atmosphere is one of terror. when you talk to palestinians, that is the biggest sense that is crippling them. they have a fear of where to go, where to keep their kids safe and family safe. there is no safe place to go. it is very much a sense that they are held hostage by this conflict and no way out. >> nbc's mohyeldin, thank you and please stay safe.
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this morning the house budget committee chair spoke with reporters at the christian science monitor breakfast to tout his recent poverty proposals instead he found himself fending off criticisms that his new plans are completely at odds with his old plans. namely the budget proposals on which he has staked much of his political capital. >> as far as the budget is concerned, you can fund these refunds at any level. i didn't want to get into a funding debate, that's really beside the point. >> but funding levels are
1:30 pm
exactly the point. that's because paul ryan's budgets, budgets that included glorious videos like this one, they cut spending by about $5 trillion over ten years. ryan's poverty plan on the other hand is completely revenue neutral and about 2/3 of the cuts in the recent budget from the past april come from cuts to the poor. as an example the paul ryan of four months ago would cut the part of the budget that includes the earned income tax credit. a tax credit that the paul ryan of this morning would like to increase. at vox, this is a bit like hearing the kool-aid man said he only ever drank kool-aid for the money and in truth he thinks kids should drink more tap water instead. just ahead, doctors without borders is calling the ee bol la epidemic out of control with
1:31 pm
more than 1200 confirmed cases. we discuss the worst outbreak ever of this deadly virus next on now. ave. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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booking.yeah! international focus is centered on the conflicts and gads saturday and ukraine, western africa is fighting the worst ebola virus, the current epidemic which dates back to february is focused in three countries. on the ground a lack of public awareness and inadequate medical resources are ham perring efforts to contain the deadly disease is so are internal politics. a number of factors combined to make this the most deadly outbreak in history and most are political rather than biological. the world health organization says over 1200 people have been infected resulting in 672 deaths. that includes one american, patrick sawyer who died after
1:35 pm
getting off a plane innigeria, two other americans contracted the disease and remain quarantined and in serious condition in liberia. while the cdc ebola poses no significant risk in the united states, the white house is monitoring the outbreak closely and deploying resources to combat the crisis. >> we're very much present and active in trying to help the countries of the region and the international authorities like the world health organization address and contain the threat t. it is indeed a worrying epidemic. >> president obama is being regularly briefed on the virus, which will be a major topic of discussion when he hosts the leaders of more than 50 african countries later next week. joining us now, voice pro-vost at the university of pennsylvania does zeek r. ee ze
1:36 pm
emanuel. as a qualified health professional, what is your reaction sort of broadly speaking? >> first of all, ebola, unlike influenza, it doesn't spread via the air. like hiv, you have to touch body fluid, whether it's blood or urine or saliva. it's ability to cause a pandemic is pretty much zero and has a long incubation phase which makes the spread not that rapid. the real concern, ebola breakouts tend to burn themselves out if you quarantine people and prevent people from touching bodily fluids. in africa, they don't do universal precautions the way we do and that is a major cause of the spread because you end up touching blood, body parts, when
1:37 pm
you're embalming or family member before they know it's ebola and transmitting it. that's a big difference between west africa and here. >> if you talk about what is happening geopolitically because that's factors in in terms of public health, politics play a huge role "the new york times" had a stunning report from guinea over the weekend discussing the fear of aide workers that is pervasive in some parts. the fear of aide workers principleably from doctors without borders and red cross helping to spread the disease creating a secondary crisis. they flee at the site of a red cross truck and villagers cry out, ebola, ebola and run away. that would be a major hurdle. >> it's very hard to quarantine people if they are not going to come to health facilities and don't think they are going to be helped. unfortunately in the case of
1:38 pm
ebola where the mortality rate, the number of people who die from the number infected is over 50% in this case, you can see why people think going to the doctor is actually going to be harmful to you. on the other hand it is going to be -- have people who are infected out in the community vomiting or someone touching their blood if they get very sick. that's how it spreads. getting universal precautions in and educating people to be quarantined is going to be a very important anti-ebola effort here. >> let me -- you say ebola is difficult to contract and there is fear -- i won't call it fear mongering because nobody stands to benefit from this -- there is fear and confusion about what's happening because the top doctor handling this crisis for the country has died from the disease. you have american aide workers and health workers who have contracted the disease. these are professionals that have been entrusted to handle the crisis and contracting it.
1:39 pm
how do you square that? >> if you don't adhere to universal precautions, it's easy to contract and even if adhering to universal precautions sometimes they fail, you get a cut in the glove or something. but this is not easily transmitted and remember, the disease goes back to 1976. we've had 2400 cases before this. so now we've 3 had 3600 over a period of 40 years. that's not a big menace. this is going to burn itself out over time. unfortunately lots of people will die but the key issue here is to get quarantined and the rapid use of universal precautions and really educate people that they should not touch body fluids of any kind. >> you talk about universal precautions. this is also a story about health care in other parts of the word. liberia has 14 doctors for every million people. this is a major issue when you were just talking about the health of the globe. >> having worked a lot in africa
1:40 pm
on various health care provision issues, especially around malaria and hiv and other diseases, yes having adequate health officials who can implement is a major challenge and facilities that can quarn teen when you need them is a major challenge in all of the sub saharan countries minus a few like south africa. remember, most of the outbreaks before happened in very rural aerds so there wasn't much traffic. the really big difference here is that geography happened in urban areas where you have a lot of people and concentration and therefore the spread is easier. that i think is one reason we're seeing 1200 people as opposed to 75, 100, 200. that is going to continue until this burns itself out. >> doctor zeek emmanuel, great to speak with you, in moments
1:41 pm
like this. author of "reinventing american health care." >> good to see you. >> a big win for the little guy. a new ruling from mcdonald's could allow fast food workers to super size their power. just ahead. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. come on, would i lie about this? frommy family and is to love ice cream. however some of us can't enjoy it without discomfort. so we use lactaid® ice cream. it's 100% real ice cream just without the lactose. so now we all can enjoy this favorite treat.
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the american worker just won a major victory, for how long? we are unsure, a potentially game changing decision, the general counsel for the national labor relations board, it ruled yesterday that the country's highest grossing fast food chain, a little place called mcdonald's is jointly responsible for certain labor violations at its restaurants. starting in november of 2012, workers at mcdonald's and fast food chains began to hold strikes for better wages and better benefits. they earn barely above the minimum wage forcing most of
1:49 pm
them to rely on public assistance to make ends meet. when the workers went back to work, many had hours cut or they were fired. fast food chains have historically been able to escape responsible for poor pay and benefits through franchises, because most mcdonald's stores are operated by separate business entities. the workers appealed to the labor relations board saying mcdonald's just as potential for their employment as the franchise owner. their proof, mcdonald's can and does tell the franchises that they are paying their employees too much. it also takes employees off the clock for minutes or sometimes hours in order to hit its daily profit targets. and mcdonald's owns many of the franchises real estate and happens to extract exorbitant rents. yesterday the labor board's council said their workers were right. in 43 of the cases mcdonald's qualifies as a joint employer. for ilgts part mcdonald's described the decision as wrong
1:50 pm
adding in a statement the decision changes the rules for thousands of small businesses and goes against decades of established law regarding the fr fran choiz model in the united states. i don't have the pom, poms out because how long this decision stands remains to be seen. let's start with the magnitude here. for a lot of people, they don't understand that mcdonald's is not obligated to do anything because it basically outsources the work to the franchises, they till have a ton of sway over the conditions in which they work. >> this ruling saying mcdonald's can no longer hide behind franchisees and mcdonald's has been able to take the profit and control and step back and say, but we have no responsibility for the conditions of the workers who actually make the
1:51 pm
customer experience and make their company go every single day. this is a real watershed moment. i think it's wonderful when we see sort of the big fish actually in our economy actual hi being held a little bit accountable instead of what has been this massive shift down to people with less and less responsibility, less and less power. that's what's been happening over the past generation in fast food and so many other industries where we've seen this subcontracting and it's time for the most powerful players to pay. >> the subcontracting thing, if you look at what the bureau of labor statistics has in terms of temporary unemployment, it is shocking. we have a chart here, from 1990 to 2008, look at that. it is a very crafty way to shirk responsibility, effectively. as you point out, the chain of responsibility goes just further and further down and people -- mcdonald's squeezes the franchisees and they squeeze the
1:52 pm
workers. quoted as saying mcdonald's franchise ees are pretty compliant. they don't organize or protest and if you do, they tell you you're a bad member of the mcfamily. the question is, do franchisees push back in some way because they are the ones having to comply with mcdonald's and its profit margins and also the ones getting sued by employees or force interface with them. there. >> has been a rally around the increase in fees you have to pay to the mcdonald's parent company. one of the most inspiring countries we've had in this country in the past several years, the lowest wrung of our economic ladder, these workers are actually tag taking out and saying we deserve more, we deserve $15 and a union. but that actually has to be something that the franchise owners want to respond to and also want to respond to the fact that customer service ratings
1:53 pm
for mcdonald's having going down and down. you have people with very little control over their own product and their schedules and are paid so low, you know that the customer service experience is undermined. you actually have to start seeing what has been kind of exciting as the idea of small business owners and low paid workers both having a common enemy, which is a massive corporation, which really can afford to pay its workers more. >> i guess sort of map out of future for this because it is a major decision if it stands. it affects contract workers and temporary workers but what happens next? mcdonald's is not going to take this lying down nor or any big corporations. >> enter the lobbyists and lawyers. >> and halls of the supreme court -- >> did you mean the corporate court? >> exactly, corporate personhood or person personhood does not carry as much way as corporate
1:54 pm
personhood. >> there are a lot of different ways it could play out. even though this could be really significant, it also is just common sense, a, when you're driving off on the highway and get off at exit 10 and walk into mcdonald's it feels the same as on exit 20 because they want the businesses to feel like the same enterprise. it's also important to know this used to be the way that the nlrb considered the joint employment, just a generation ago and been part of the right wing march to make it so much easier for them to control the workers that we've had this loosening of the employer relationship. there are a lot of different ways this could go but hundreds and thousands of workers organizing have something to celebrate. >> i will say, we have had some of the domino's pizza men on this program, for them it's a
1:55 pm
celebration. always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> why do south carolina republicans want students to reject charles darwin? the latest gop devolution is up next. one to land. uh-huh. (vo) there's good more... honey, look at all these smart rewards points verizon just gave me. ooh, you got a buddy. i'm like a statue. i just signed up and, boom, all these points. ...and there's not-so-good more. you're a big guy... ...oh no. get the good more with verizon smart rewards and rack up points to use towards the things you really want. get the lg g3 for $199.99. you love this game. but does the game love you? ♪ who cares? look where you get to stay! booking.yeah!
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why i'm shooting for something better. eliquis. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. the republican crusade against science continues. in south carolina yesterday, a proposed change to the state science standards for teaching evolution passed a key hurdle. charles darwin's theory of evolution widely accepted in the scientific community as fact is taught in south carolina high schools. creationism is not. despite the fact that south carolina law already stipulates students understand ways that scientists use data from a variety of sources to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolution nar theory, that was not enough for state republican senator mike fair who led the charge to undermine the teaching of
1:59 pm
evolution. while teachers in the state will not be allowed to lecture on creationism, it forces biology students to consider whether the facts really support evolution. specifically they will state evolution, as with any aspect of science, is continually open to and subject to experimental and observational testing. no big deal, evolution like anything else should be up for debate every now and again. at least state senator make fair seems pleased. >> hopefully it will stimulate even more in depth questions which then will beg for critical thinking to come up with some opinions. >> no word yet on whether mr. fair believes in dinosaurs or whether the earth is round but presumably, those things too will be the subject of some critical thinking. that's all for "now", i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is up next.
2:00 pm
good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show", live from detroit lakes, minnesota, let's get to work. i'm ready to go! ♪ >> congress has its job to do and so does the president. >> the most pressing issue that the house republican leadership has decided that we need to devote our legislative time to. >> they have announced they are going to sue me -- >> not to bring up a jobs bill. >> defund the executive branch. >> >> not to deal with comprehensive immigration reform. >> the world's sugar daddy. >> not to extend emergency uj unemployment benefits. >> this man is playing with the american people. >> what specific executive action are you planning to challenge in court? >> when i make that decision, i'll let you know. >> good to have you with us tonight. th f


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